The last few days there was a rumour that was floating around between members in Keewaywin and in other communities that a certain Keewaywin councillor allegedly gave  his brother  ten thousand dollars.
The rumour seemed to imply that the money came from the band funds.
So is it true?  Did anyone bother to ask?

The councillor in question has a gas business in the community. Last week he sent  a payment in form of a Northern Store cheque to his brother to make that payment for him. Apparently someone held the envelope up to the light to see what was in there and it was from there the rumour started. The ten thousand dollars to pay on his account came from his gas business not from band funds.

I just wanted to clear this bit of misinformation up before the rumour spreads out any further. If anyone has any questions about this,  phone me at the band office, any time during the day.

Raymond Mason
Chief, Keewaywin First Nation