Industry Canada/FedNor visits Keewaywin

We had some visitors from Industry CanadaFedNor. Cark Seibel, the FedNor Telecommunications Officer brought his mother-in-law, Margaret Ayer  from Thunder Bay to visit our community. Luis Barnola, with Industry Canada's ICA  (the Institute for Connectivity in the Americas) program arranged to bring in a filmmaker, Maurizcio Beltran from Columbia. Luis and Mauricio are making a video about connectivity in Aboriginal communities across the Americas. They are hoping to include some of the footage they took of the community of Keewaywin. They want to show how people are using the internet and other broadband applications including the telehealth equipment.

Mauricio shot the footage and Luis who is originally from Venezuela helped to organize the different scenes. Ida Fiddler was using the telehealth video conferencing unit discussing the Diabetes Nutrition Program, while this was going on Maruicio filmed the telehealth workshop and got to meet different people from Red Lake, Balmertown, Deer Lake, Fort Severn, Poplar Hill, Wapekeka, North Spirit Lake and Keewaywin who all participated in the telehealth diabetes education workshop.

Here at the e-centre they filmed our E-centre manager Raymond Mason talking with Darlene Rae of North Spirit using the video conferencing unit. Raymond had to do a couple of different takes for Mauricio.

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