The First Christmas Gathering For Keewaywin Power Authority

Tuesday evening December 17th, 2002 the Keewaywin Power Authority established in August 2002, to oversee the distribution of electrical power and fuel reqiurements of the community held their first ever Christmas Gathering. In attendance wee the board members Raymond Mason, Atoria Kakepetum, and Lester Pascal with theri respective spouses. The staff  and part time employees as well with their  spouses were also at the supper. Donald Kakegamic, the elder, graced the gathering with his presence .Halum Kakeptum and his wife Mary Jane also  partook the festive activtives.

The evening activities included opening prayer by Halum Kakepetum, comments by the board members and gift exchange. Raymond Mason played the part of Santa distributing the gifts and having the reciepients come up to the front of the group and opening their presents. Donald Kakegamic ended the evening with comments and a prayer.

Pictures of the gathering can be viewed on the Albums on the Keewaywin website.