Jamboree Committee Provides Activities

The Jamboree Committee of Keewaywin organized two community activities while at the same time raising funds to purchase sound equipment.

The Jam Committee held a bingo on Saturday, Aug 30, 2003 with a turnout of about twenty people. Cash prizes were awarded to the bingo winners and a merchandise bingo was also held (merchandise donated by the Northern Store). Majority of the winnings went to the off duty NAPS constables who appeared to enjoy the evening as all who were attending the game.

On Wednesday Sept 3, 2003 the committee showed a movie. An admission for the movie, which was attended by mostly young people, was charged at the door.   Refreshments were sold.

The Committee would like to thank all who attended the events for their support especially the Norhtern Store for their contribution. The proceeds will be used to purchase more sound equipment which will benefit all aspiring musicians and enhance all community events with good quality sound reproduction.

The people that attended the events enjoyed themselves and expressed an interest in having more activities in the future. The Committee will do its part in providing organized activities which will have a positive impact on the community by offering alternative options of recreation.