Dakota House visits Keewaywin

Story by Andrew Harper

A distinguished guest arrived in the community of Keewaywin to acknowledge an invitation from the school"s Co-op Education Program. Dakota House (Tee Vee), the rambunctious young raising aboriginal star of CBC's "North of 60", arrived as scheduled on Thursday, May 29, 2003 to the delight of the community fans, young and old. Council and public were at the airport to welcome and greet Mr. House. Amid the conglomeration of fanfare and melee the actor was  in composure all times as he signed autographs and posed  for pictures.

Upon entering the community , the actor was taken to the local store where he purchased refreshments and then was catered off to the motel. After a brief rest he toured the school, where he signed more autographs as he went along. After lunch he was escorted to the lake where he publicized a canoe-athon as he mingled and conversed with the crowd.

Returning to the school it was time to administer the reason for the trip. The grade 7 & 8 class were the prime students to be addressed as most of them were involved with the Co-op Education Program. Dakota motivated the class speaking about character, aspirations and responsibility in life. He was very professional in his presentations and the students were very attentive and excited towards the star! Mr House  spent some time with the students talking about his experiences, of working in the cast , of props, and various acting activities. His company was very flexible among the teachers, staff and students. After each session, he circulated and autographed pictures for each student! All the students enjoyed his company and was very accommodating to requests. He spent most of the afternoon with the students  and he enjoyed the friendship and kindness they showed.

School was out by the time Dakota finished visiting the classes and time restraints permitted no further activities. He was scampered back to the motel where he got ready for a bush ride. After touring the "famous" gravel pit he given the opportunity to drive  an ATV machine back to the community. No problem, he rode like a professional.

Back at the community a hearty dinner menu  was being prepared for a banquet with the TV star. It was near 7:00 pm when the guest led the smorg! The dinner was a success and everyone seemed to enjoyed themselves.

Dakota then presented the Co-op students with awards for their involvement in the program. The actor was given a chance to say a few words and addressed the students and the public. A gift was presented to Dakota for his commitment and visit to the community. After the activity at the school, Mr House took the opportunity to go fishing at Niska Lake. After a full day he retired to the motel. Pictures can be viewed in the photo gallery.