Telehealth Evaluation Visits Keewaywin

The Telehealth Evaluation Team of Lisa Sarsfield, North Network Director, Programs and Operations, Dr. Fred Ashbury, North Network, Consultant Evaluation Project and Donna Williams, KO Regional Telehealth Coordinator arrived in Keewaywin to meet with Ida Fiddler, Keewaywin telehealth coordinator, and several community members who used the telehealth services

Lisa Sarsfield stated "(we’re) meeting with the community to hear about their experiences with telehealth and to ask how we can improve the service." The community members related their experiences which included doctor examinations, diabetes consultations, information sessions on various medical conditions, video visits  with family members who were placed in urban centers due to illnesses  and mental health interviews with a psychologist. All agreed the experiences were positive. Sarsfield added "We were pleased to come to Keewaywin and grateful for the people who met with us and shared their experiences." Other possible uses for the service discussed were opportunities for a second medical opinion and having a physician available immediately during an emergency.

The team offered a small gift to the participants of the meeting as a token of their appreciation for the time taken and for the experiences shared.

The team urges the community to come to the Health Center to learn more about the telehealth services and to make maximum use of its potential. Ida Fiddler with the support of the KO Telehealth Regional staff will provide information and assistance to anyone who is need of the telehealth services.