Main Event In Keewaywin

Monday and Tuesday evenings February, 17th and 18th , 2003   loud screaming punctured by pulsating rock music could be heard emanating from the school gym. Indeed something was definitely happening in Keewaywin. An event never seen in this neck of the woods was occurring. Wrestling has arrived in Keewaywin, specifically the Canadian Wrestling Federation.

The CWF were in Keewaywin to put on two evenings worth of entertainment and to give motivational workshops/seminars to each class of the school on issues like addictions free lifestyle, self esteem, attaining goals in life and the reality of what it takes to become a pro wrestler.

On Monday night the school gym was the place to be for some wrestling action. Young, youth and a sprinkling of older people were at the event. The evening started on a quiet side but once the fans got into the action the building wasn’t able to contain the blusterous noise. The hundred plus fans were as loud and active as any you might see on TV. One might even think that the Hulk and the Rock were in attendance. On this night the good guys battled the bad guys. The antics of the hated ones drove the fans into a frenzy. The tag team match was the highlight of the evening, with the bad guys winning the championship ( did I mention there were tag team championship belts at stake?). Of course a challenge was issued for a rematch.

Tuesday night was even more noisy. By this time the fans knew which wrestlers were the good guys and which wrestlers to throw insults at. Once again the good guys took on the bad guys. And once again the tag team match was the main event. As the tag team match progressed the fans witnessed a beating being given to the good guys. Things didn’t look so good for the fan favorites until Tomahawk Gene Swan (one of the good guys), managed to pin one of his opponents however there was no referee to do the count. Having been knocked out earlier he wasn’t able to count out the pin. But out of the crowd  Lawrence Mason jumped into the ring and administered the one, two, three, thereby helping the good guys win their championship belts back. The fans were just going wild!

Each evening after the matches the fans were given an opportunity to have their picture taken with wrestlers of their choice. The wrestlers also signed autographs for the people. Even Lawrence Mason, the impromt referee who saved the day for the good guys signed a few autographs. All said and done it was an exciting and funfilled time for the community of Keewaywin. It’s unlikely that an event like this will be witnessed again here in this remote community for some time.

Tuesday the wrestlers went to all classrooms to give their workshops.

The Canadian Wrestling Federation included Tomahawk Gene Swan, Zack Mercury, Screaming Eagle, Rex Roberts, Dillon Robson and the Phantom Shooters. Ernie Todd, president of the company was also at hand to MC the event.

The event was organized by the Keewaywin Health Center and the Counseling Services. The Keewaywin Chief and Council provided the funds to make it all possible. The people, especially the children, made it a success