New Airline comes to Keewaywin

Adventure Air will be flying into Keewaywin twice a day all week except Saturdays. There are different fares for this service.

Cash fares are 235.00 one way and charge fares (band P.Os, clinic travel warrants etc) will cost 385.00 one way. freight is 1.00 per pound, envelopes 12 bucks and pick up and deliveries into the city and to the airport 35.00 bucks. Charters also available depends on the kinda of aircraft u want to use. a 6 seater or a nine seater.

Morning departures and arrival times in winnipeg st andrew airport departs 8am and arrives at 11:30 am then again departures at 1 pm arrives at 4:30 pm. arrival times will vary in each community depending on the passenger traffic.

Phone 204-334-9322 fax 204-344-7889 email or write to 701 south gate rd, St. Andrews airport, st andrews, MB R1A 3P9