Treaty Day 2007

Keewaywin First Nation will be having thier Treaty days on the 6th of June, probably outside the school again. Come and get your treaty money, plently of activities planned and plenty of goodies for sale too, come and get involved in the games win cash prizes. Prizes for all ages.

IP phones working in Keewaywin

The IP (internet phones) are all operational at the ecentre, band office, Kww School and the clinic . To phone in to the IP phones using regular phones you have to dial  (807) 771-1363 after the recording Press 771-2513   for the Ecentre, for more  IP numbers call the ecentre and talk to one of the CAP students and they will tell you the phone numbers around the community.

Power Gospel Jamboree

September 1, 2 & 3, 2006, Josias and family will be hosting a power gospel jamboree, if anyone would like to help raise funds for the Wawatay Radio time or join in the Power gospel jamboree committee. Any and all help of volunteers and cash or food donations would be appreciated.

Contact  Josias, Mary Ann or Grace at 771 1359

Thank you and God Bless You

Keewaywin Band Office
Box 90
Keewaywin, Ontario
P0V 3G0
Phone: (807) 771-1210
Fax: (807) 771-1053
Toll Free: 1 866 437-9505

Chief: David Thompson
Councillor: Jason Kakegamic
Councillor: Eddie Meekis 
Councillor: Silas Kakegamic
Councillor: Lawrence Mason

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